The VSOBFS project

On the roles of reproducibility and of consensus in establishing data provenance, as published 2023-11-23 1,2,3.

Limits to verifiability (markdown)

Limits to verifiability (html)

Correction 2023-11-24:

Accidentally, incomplete wording sneaked into the Conclusions chapter, as “integrity” instead of “integrity assurance”.

The following lines:

On the contrary, integrity of *artifacts* ...
is *at best* as good as the integrity of ...

shall be read as

"On the contrary, integrity assurance of *artifacts*" ...
"is *at best* as good as the integrity assurance of" ...

Note 2023-12-05:

(an excerpt from a message to Dr. David A. Wheeler who researched countering the “trusting trust” attack)

also, even though not mentioned in ref, VSOBFS/SSSBEA-CODRB is applicable in a straightforward fashion to source code audition, to remove the concerns about trustability of the tools used to copy/compare/view the sources, by auditing the sources directly on the (diverse) installations where they are to be used

(end of excerpt)

Last modified: 2024-05-29