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The Hidden Wiki - promoted edition
Welcome! Feel free to add all known onions to this page.
If you'd like to explore the fullness of this wiki or mirror the entire site, you may find these links useful:


[edit] Specific to this onion site (kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion)

[edit] Services running here

[edit] News

  • 20091008 - I added a cron job to check for the tor service. It went down again several days ago and I didn't notice it. -Admin
  • 20090924T194713 - Something happened to this server. All the pages have this timestamp... excluding whatever was edited since then.
  • 20090717 - Oops. Tor service went down and I didn't notice it. -Admin
  • Epoch ~ 20090713 - Historical summary: OnionSpace is always in flux. This site originally came online to mirror other wikis. Those wikis have since gone unstable or down. Fans noticed the issues before then, stepped up, contributed to this wiki, and promoted it in OnionSpace as the current defacto incarnation of 'The Hidden Wiki'.

[edit] Comms

[edit] Random Pages Of Interest

[edit] Volunteer TODO

  • Plunder other wikis for links, place them here
  • Place this wiki's links elsewhere
  • Make a wiki table of all the link wikis so whoever volunteers to plunder or place for that wiki can put their handle in the box

[edit] Introduction Points

Generic onions. Should be safe for home, work, demos and kids.

[edit] Bulletin boards

Including brief topic lists.

[edit] Traditional forums

  • OnionForum - Anonymous Onionland forum (most active forum in TorLand). Large Polish and German contingent.
    • topics: tor, news, games, politics, general, mature
  • SnapBBS - Create your own forum
  • Anarcho-Syndicalist Brigade - Forums for Collectivist Anarchists and leftists to discuss things, primarily revolution.

[edit] Chans (image/textboards)

  • Torchan - The chan of Tor. Re-relaunched around Oct 2008. One of the oldest chans still around. LUP - 20091001
    • topics: /anonfs, /jb, /i, /b
    • Torchan's internet/uptime is spotty, if down, try back in a few days.
  • NoNameChan - launched around July 2009, aims to be a Tor version of 4chan, but more user-friendly.
  • 4chan - relaunched around May 2009.

[edit] Email, Messaging, IM, and Chat

[edit] News

[edit] File storage, Data, Image

[edit] FTP

If you know Tor FTP servers, please add them here.

  • 344benk3axcqkm5n.onion Free-For-All. User/Password: tor/tor

[edit] Hosting

Hosting site PHP CGI MySQL Unix shell email .onion address zip site upload FTP SFTP PhpMyAdmin
Freedom Hosting Safe mode No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Shells.onion Full access Yes Upon request Yes Yes Upon request Yes Yes Yes Yes

[edit] Blogs

  • - Anonymous net publishing. Readable via public web at [1].
  • Crackwar - Pirates are the good guys!
  • Tornado - A shared content community blog implemented in Drupal, supporting anonymous posting or user registration.

[edit] Music

[edit] Library - Ebooks

[edit] Tor Network

[edit] TorChat Addresses

Chat with random people :) Add your address here:

  • utvrla6mjdypbyw6 (Bernd) - creator of torchat
  • 5xo6jmsmfyqd7fil (Me)

[edit] OnionCat Addresses

  • OnionCat - Developer's site via clearnet
  • fd87:d87e:eb43:f947:ad24:ec81:8abe:753e - Developer's ping

[edit] Wikis

[edit] Italian

[edit] Japanese

[edit] Norwegian

[edit] Polish

[edit] Portuguese

  • Livre Pensadores - Nenhuma ideia escrita será censurada. Liberdade de expressão de fato!

[edit] Swedish

[edit] Other

[edit] Anon Banking

  • TOR Bank - Future payment system for Tor

[edit] NoAuth Hidden Services

[edit] Pornography

Generally permitted - Usually 18+, text based, or fetishy stuff.

Generally prohibited - WARNING: production, posession, trafficking, or consumption may be hazardous. These have their own pages/sites.

[edit] Dead sites - R.I.P.

Kept around as an idea list and in case they return. If you find that a site listed above has been down for a while, DO NOT DELETE IT. Leave it where it is and simply tag it with ' - LUP yyyymmdd'. The date being a guess as to when it was last up. If you find that a site listed above, and tagged with LUP, is still down three months after the LUP date, move it to this section. If you find that a site in this section is now up, clear the LUP tag and move it into the listings above.

[edit] Standalone type

These are single scope, usually the work of one person.

[edit] Hosting type

These took out more than one site or service when they died.

  • "Matt's" services - LUP 20090701
    Please don't put these back as valid running services until a statement from him is made regarding their past and future uptime. They're down for the millionth time and are no longer deemed reliable or useful.
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